8 ways to present without PowerPoint


Inspiration to write for a few minutes on this topic – Tom Fishburne and as always, Edward Tufte

1. Use some sharpies, draw on 3 x 5 cards, videotape, speed it up, edit, and narrate (see this Youtube video).

2. Make a diorama and puppets (see this Youtube video).

3. Pay a makeup artist to make you look like a very old man and present as if you came from the future and are telling people what will be. Yes, I did this.

4. Get in front of a video camera and talk from the heart (see this Youtube video)

5. Dance.

6. Use a flipchart, don’t speak at all, and flip your way through the story. Yes, I did this in front of 75 educators, and it was one of the more interactive sessions I’ve led.

7. Sing a song. Play an instrument.

8. Give an entire talk with no slides and no props. But practice a LOT and use your voice and face and body to wow them with your topic.


P.S. Bonus # 9: Put ONE WORD or at most a short phrase on the center of each slide and talk to your audience with only that slide behind you. This one makes you have a “slide deck” so your boss or conference coordinator can actually get a file. Even though you didn’t really use PowerPoint. Sneaky, huh?

Originally published Dec 5, 2011.  Redated to float to top on March 21, 2018.