Being an author is being a marketer


I’ve gotten into tons of discussion with the poetry editor / former professor of mine regarding writing versus marketing.  You know, the one where the “artiste” defines marketing as crass self-promotion where the “working writer” defines it as a necessary part of getting an audience for a work.

Here is an example of an interview with me that is really “marketing and promotion.” But I think this interview’s authenticity really speaks to what good marketing should be.

This is a 30 minute Father’s Day radio interview with Marianne Russo of The Coffee Klatch / Special Needs radio featuring yours truly, originally podcast on Father’s Day 2014. It is really an interesting interview. Thanks Marianne!

Online Parents Radio at Blog Talk Radio with The Coffee Klatch on BlogTalkRadio


This post is also a good natured poke at folks who said me taking 18 months to write a book hindered my marketing career or put it on hold.  Au contraire, this interview is one example of exercising my marketing chops in a way that is applicable to almost any vertical. Here is another example, from a business podcast.



(Originally posted June 15, 2014)