Marketing. Messaging. Mistakes.

Marketing is. Marketing is the relationship between the creator of a product or idea and its consumer. It includes things from product design to the attitude of the person answering your phone to deciding in what geographic regions the offering makes sense.

Marketing isn’t. Marketing, unlike some of the auto dealership radio adverts I hear, does not equal sales. (“Herb, what’s our marketing program for the week? Why, it’s $2000 for your trade regardless of condition!”) Nor does it equal advertising. (Aunt Edna asking what kinds of ads you design when you tell her you are in marketing.)

Messaging is simple. “Messaging” is just what you tell someone. Good messaging follows this design:

  1. To whom are you talking?
  2. At what point in the sales cycle are you talking to them?
  3. Based on #1 and #2, what do you need them to know? And what is the best method to help them learn what they need to know?

One challenge with most marketing efforts is that people often jump to #3 without thinking about #1 and #2.

Another is that marketers burn both ends of the candle to design and place ads and hope that people will come. And call this their marketing strategy.