Online User Conference: Sharing Ideas Online


I’ll be presenting at the Yellow Edge Online User Conference called Sharing Ideas online. You can learn more about it here. This online presentation using Blackboard Collaborate will be on Nov 30, 2011 at 7:30pm New York time.

This is my topic (to continue a theme from my last post Six questions to help define your elearning goals):

Online teaching and learning: You get it, they don’t. How can you help?

You understand the ways in which online teaching and learning technologies can help a wide variety of teachers and learners. Yet your outreaches (political and educational) are sometimes met with blank stares. Or worse, your audience thinks an interactive whiteboard and a videoconference are the same thing – during funding discussions!

In this presentation, Gary Dietz will first present a simple elearning taxonomy you can use to break down the technologies and explain them to a variety of audiences. Gary will then close by leading a brainstorm on how and what kind of stories you can generate on your own team to help others understand the work you do and why it should continue and grow.

Again, see the Yellow Edge brochure about the conference to learn about the other speakers and sign up to attend.