Supports for people with disabilities


I have produced a short video with a selection of my personal thoughts about financial supports for people with disabilities.  On March 10, from 1-3pm and 6-9pm in the New Hampshire State House in Concord in the Representative’s Hall there are hearings where I am sure many wonderful families will give a wide variety of testimonies.  I hope to be there to listen to these brave people if I can.

I’ve heard second hand that some of our current long-term and freshman legislators say “why do we need to listen to these sob stories?  It’s all about the numbers.”  I don’t agree with that perspective, but must acknowledge it is a real feeling that some in power have.

With that in mind, I tried to produce a video about some financial perspectives for DHHS and Medicaid programs for people with disabilities without any “wall of tears” testimony.  And pointing out some of the inconsistencies about this “numeric approach and ROI” for other departments in the state when compared to DHHS.

To watch this video click play below. The direct link to the full size video on Youtube is

Edit: See MS-Word version of script here:

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P.S. Full text script and close captioning for the video coming over the weekend.